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We are the direct gardening store of landscaping company that we have many stocks of perennial plant, trees and various types of seasonal plants include rare plant.

We also offer you garden facilities such as sprinkler, lights, etc.

There are many photos available sample material and construction wood, brick, and they'll help you create image of your garden.

We hope you 'll enjoy our uniquely decorated store.

Please contact us for any questions about gardening.We look forward to your visit.

- Product line -
Plants (we can prepare your order)
Garden facilities : watering systems, lights, etc.
Leaf mold ,compost
Brick, Timber, stone
Handmade eco products.
Flower pots
Potterly (made by Shikidoka)

Free Shipping available.(limited area)

The purchaser of the plant, We planted them using the compost free of charge.

Eco products

We make leaf mold from trimmings and the branches, flower bed from Some remnants, repainted flower pots.

More products are available. For further information ,see Eco cycle action »

Uniquely original products

We are offering some uniquely original products.If you are looking for unique item ,please come to visit us.

Japanse style products

We are offering potterly whch made at our Group company “Shikikado”, stone statue and more.

Please feel free to come and sit on a bench at our store then enjoy the birdsong and the sound of running water.

Garden aids

garden equipment,brick,pots,
leaf mold ,compost, etc.

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