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We do work on both commercial and private gardens and landscapes.


We built the wood deck faced the south side of the garden with greens and pond. Placed the statue with a beautiful rock work as a symbol of the garden to make exotic atmosphere. We also placed a garden sink which request from the owner.

Setagata-Ku: Mr.H
"Tree-Planting Aid" was applied.

The wood deck, pergola and lights have been created on the roof top.The area was designed beautifully; you can easily picture laundry hanging from the pergola in the wind and happy dogs running around.From the living room, you can catch a view of the greeneries in the original planter on the second floor balcony.As the owners wished,the ground floor garden was designed as if it was connected to the nearby forest.

Shibuya-Ku: Mr.A

The rooftop garden is a spacious area covered in lawn. This garden is filled with all season flowers and low colored leaf trees. It also has some fruit trees from which you can enjoy not only the flowers but the fruits themselves such as pear-leaf crabapple, plum, Japanese apricot, citrus and grape. Clematis will put many beautiful flowers all over the wall from spring to summer.

Setagaya-Ku: Mr.T

This house is surrounded by a variety of trees listing, jacaranda, smoke tree, wild cherry tree, hydrangea quercifolia, callistemon speciosus, pripet and crape myrtle. The flowering dog wood tree is the symbol of the courtyard. Right underneath it, Christmas roses will bear many flowers in cold flowerless seasons. Scoring rush decorates the entrance approach from the gate to the door. This was the architect’s idea that we made take shape.

Ebina-shi: Mr.T

This garden has the owner’s homemade pizza oven as well as a kitchen garden where they can harvest herbs and fruits. It is designed for them to constantly enjoy new discoveries of plants throughout the four seasons. Tiles on the gazebo’s roof are the work of an affiliated pottery store.

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