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These are the listings of our work for the contests.

All Japan Flower&Garden Championship 2014
Urban Garden Section:Bronze

The concept of this garden is "Born","Make something" and "The image of a cycle to change to the soil". We created this healing garden in a week.

International Rose & Gardening Show 2010
Garden section:B

This work was created based on the theme “From a long time ago,the sun comes up every morning to start a whole new day.A mystic fountain appeared from a huge tree in a deep forest.Soon the breath of life brought the flowers.”

International Rose & Gardening Show 2010
Garden section:A
Hanabutai(Stage of the flowers)

This work is created only using rosacea plants. This work shows many different looks of roses, not only the kind that everyone knows.

International Rose & Gardening Show 2011
Garden section:A
My own little garden “tsuboniwa”

This little garden was created with an idea of a boy’s secret base in the mountain behind his house. He lives in a small town located in between a mountain and the sea. He wanted to recreate a small garden “tsuboniwa” that he saw in a picture from a long time ago.

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