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We work on everything from the construction of the facilities and stores down to the maintenance of them.

Temple G in Kanagawa-ken

We repaired the path and the ground along the fence of this large garden and placed paving stones on the path and built a flower bed full of seasonal flowers. We placed the symbolic stone and Japanese roof tiles geometrically along the fence.

Care home K in Kagawa

We enclosed the premises using wood decks and bricks and created a trail for residents’ exercise. Every day, they enjoy walking in a trail that changes its appearance each season. Some pick flowers to decorate their room.

Care home in kagoshima

Brightly colored bougainvillea on the pergola will catch your eye. Square lots could seem smaller than the actual size. We made it seem like a bigger, comfortable private garden by manipulating peoples’ eyes and the power lines.

Hospital in Yamaguchi

Through the arch way, there is the main garden with a beautiful creek. You can feel our company’s personality in many parts of this garden such as biotope, small hill, rose garden in the courtyard, railroad tie approach, gardens in many different styles, railroad tie flower bed and the beautifully paved walk way.

Care home in Yamaguchi

We built a high Asian Jasmine wall in the courtyard. This garden is also designed with a wood deck walk way in the warm soft sunlight and the paved walk way in railroad ties down to the beach. It will allow you to get lost in the beauty of the garden.

Care home in Gifu

Perennial plants will make you enjoy their beautiful flowers every year around the square. The box wood flower bed will be filled with beautiful seasonal flowers all through the year. The ground was paved with stamped concrete and decorated in a wood grain and stone pavement texture.

Japanese restaurant

This garden is designed in Japanese style with seasonally planted beautiful flowers in the center, stones, antenoron filiforme hedge and a water bowl. We designed and are doing regular maintenance on most of the restaurants in the capital region. We received countless amounts of great feedback on this garden.

Japanese restaurant

This stately garden was designed to seem bigger than its actual size by playing with the different elements, color, texture and the heights of the leaves. The stone lantern and the sound coming from the water bowl will give a dramatic feeling in this Japanese style garden at night. We designed and are doing regular maintenance.

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