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Our approach

This is our approach to support the idea of human beings living with nature:
“Nature recirculating society.” Considering the burden to nature, we would like to recycle anything that can be reused.

Our approach

  • Trimmed branches and leaves are used as mulch after being shredded.
  • We make safe and vigorous compost on our own premises to use for gardening. This compost is also sold at our store, Garden Shop Shiki.
  • Some of the trimmings and the branches from our premises are used as supports.
  • Some of the brunches and logs are used for crafts. They are either used in gardening or sold at Garden Shop Shiki.
  • Largely grown plants will be divided and used for gardening.

We may not be able to make a huge impact, since there are not many landscaping / gardening companies doing the same as we do.

However, more customers buying these recycled items from our store can only bring positive environmental results.

Please join in. Let us know if you are interested. We can share ideas and information and make things happen!

Where you can join our Eco cycle approach.
Recycle farm
Shiki Factory(Recycle studio)
Shiki workshop(Public relations room)

How we are using natural materials

  • Used as supportsUsed as supports
  • Used as supportsUsed as supports
  • A picture of our premisesA picture of our premises

Products that are made from reclaimed articles

  • A/C coverA/C cover made from   remnants
  • Wood benchWood bench made from   remnants
  • Wood benchWood bench made from   remnants
  • Flower potsFlower pots made from   remnants
  • Flower potsRepainted flower pots
  • sculptureA sculpture made from a   stump

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